Prototype Robot Crawler

The Mini Raptor1 was created using predominately "off-the-shelve" components and our bespoke software to rapidly produce a fully demonstrable prototype of a tracked robot crawler integrated with a feature rich command platform.
Tracked robot crawler with manipulator and HD cameras

Robot crawler

The RoboWorx Mini Raptor1 tracked robot crawler was created using predominately "off-the-shelve" components allied with our bespoke software to deliver a rapid prototype of a fully demonstrable robot crawler integrated with a feature rich command platform. The main body of the robot crawler adopts 2mm thick aluminium alloy for high strength and light weight, powerful drive motors and extendable arm capable of lifting a 1Kg object. The robot crawler can be remotely operated using wireless communication or by using an umbilical cord. The robot crawler transmits HD video to the command platform. This is switchable between a camera mounted in the chassis and a camera mounted on the arm. The robot crawler also has night vision capability using infra red LED's and cameras. The Mini Raptor1 prototype is an excellent low cost, low lead-time platform to demonstrate tasks that are best carried out remotely in hazardous, cramped or toxic environments.

Command platform

The feature rich command platform is coded using the popular C# .Net language that is able to run on most popular operating systems. The command platform is highly configurable by the operator. Allowing a choice of input devices, communication methods and drive options. The operator is able to observe progress on the user interface via a HD video link with the robot crawler and is able to record this video feed for review at a later date. The user interface also relays alerts and warnings to the operator if there is a loss of communication with the robot crawler or issues with input devices on the command platform.
Tracked robot crawler with manipulator and HD video command user interface
Tracked robot crawler with manipulator and HD video microprocessor

Rapid prototyping

Chief among the objectives of the robot crawler was to use 'off-the-shelve' parts to enable a working demonstrable prototype to be built quickly and inexpensively. To achieve this aim the main microprocessor boards on the robot crawler are from the popular Arduino range of rapid prototyping boards. By using these boards, which were programmed using embedded C, and some custom electronics Web Loft was able to comfortably achieve these objectives.


The working demonstration model of the robot crawler uses the UK unlicensed UHF band for command transmissions and SHF band for the HD video stream. However, the system is designed so that is can operate on different bands of the radio spectrum with minimal modification and/or use an umbilical cord in order to bypass issues associated with using radio signals.
Tracked robot crawler with manipulator and HD video radio communications

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